Russian Car Technology Formula 1 Engine History

Looking for a car from Russia? Join with hundreds of happy customers from all over the World and buy your next car.. Russia's largest carmaker - AvtoVAZ. The Volzhsky Car Factory (VAZ) was founded in 1966, by decision of the URSS Ministries Council, that decides the construction of a new automotive plant. It's the most solded brand in Russia, because the low price of the base-models and for the quality, slightly better (slightly...) than others Russian cars: the production lines and large part of the technology are of Fiat derivation. Its charter capital has been valued at USD 534.4 million, divided among 27,194,624 common shares and 4,930,340 shares of preferred stock. More than 75% of the stock of AvtoVAZ is controlled by company management and the Central Department of the Automobile Financing Corporation. The remaining stock is held by 180,000 small holders. For now, there are many types of cars in Lada's production line. There are: sedan, hatchback, citycar, minivan, "range rover", universal, sport car and even a Lada limousine! Automobile production for 2002 was down 8.4% from 2001, totaling 702,900 vehicles.

The peculiarities of Russia are absence of good roads and service plus attitude towards automobile on a part of government (all the auto-factories were nationalized till 90s), reflected in a slogan: "The car isn't a luxury, but a means of transportation." Therefore the automobiles were designed for transportation of freight, including people. Our cars don't rise above with hi- technology and comfort.

What to talking about, if they don't find time to retorque nuts at factory! Buying Russian car you purchase "Do-it yourself" kit and you have great chance to become auto-mechanic ;-) Russian car literally in any conditions with any materials may be repaired!
Unknown chapter of the Lada's history is represented by the Wankel engines. The VAZ has realized, since the end of the '70s, several exemplars of this type of engine, used also by names like Mazda, NSU, Comotor-Citroen, Suzuki, Van Veen, Norton, Trabant, etc.(and the Russian motorcycles Motoprom and Rotor). In the 1980, Lada begins to produce 250 "Zhiguli" equipped with a single-rotor engine, 70 hp. The "Zhiguli" Wankel had the same coachwork of the normal version, but under the cowl there was an electronic section very advanced for the period: a processor analyzes the data of the accelerator position and of the rotor's speed, and with these data it regulates the ignition. There is also a system that injects anti-freeze fluid at the low temperatures. After this unit, a two-rotor engine was realized, with a power of 130 hp, fitted also on the police version of the "Samara". During the '80s, were realized even some exemplar of GAZ "Volga" equipped by a three-rotor VAZ engine, with 210 hp! All these cars were realized usually for the KGB and the GAI (the Russian police), and for the competitions; since 1997, these cars are available also for the private citizens.For now, Lada "110 Super Tourism",is equipped with a two-rotor engine, for the National championships. LADA-models World Prices on Lada Hi-Tech Webmasters