Custom made luxury sports car from Russia. Formula 1 technology Supercharged engine.

LADA-21106 2.0 16v GTi - More Russian Hi-Tech

The new Lada medium-class car: the "Status", or "2170", launched in the 2003. It is an evolution of the well known "110", but it will be equipped with a 1800 cc. unit (107 hp); the car is also longer and wider than the "110", and the front and rear parts are totally new. However, the factory declares that this car (still a prototype) will be destined to compete with the BMW 520 and Audi A4...maybe it's better, for the Togliattigrad's factory, to modify its own intentions!!!

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Anyway, the Lada partecipates also to the national competitions, with very well-tuned cars! The Lada "112 1600 Super Rally" is realized in collaboration with the tuner TMS, and equipped with a 16-valves engine, capable of 200 hp!
Same engine (but placed centrally) for the beautiful racing car : the Lada "Revolution 2", always realized with TMS. The engine is boosted up to 215 hp, and, with the help of a low weight (650 kg) and of the six-speeds gearbox, the car is capable of very high performances: a real "Russian revolution"! The sport activity of the Lada -although the lack of money...- is very developed LADA-models World Prices on Lada Hi-Tech Webmasters

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